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Shane Anderson is a NYC-based photographer, producer and art director forging a Brave New World of fashion-forward media with a touch of whimsical melancholy.


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A lot of you think I’m a good writer and have asked for a blog section, so here we are. We’ll start off easy, with an intro…

Hi, I'm Shane Anderson, a NYC-based Art Director forging a Brave New World of fashion-forward photo/video content. With a background in digital marketing & branding, I have found success working in diverse world markets.

I like to think of my work as the perfect juxtaposition between modern and classic - made complete with a certain amount of whimsical melancholy. I take (seemingly) simple situations and elevate them with a mystical touch via artistic allusions, various religious & historical references and a precise, distinctive post-processing technique. This unique contrast allows for a universal connection between not only my body of work, but also threads a relationship between the viewer and time itself.

When I’m not out adventuring, you’ll probably find me curled up somewhere cosy with good music, a book and an elderflower soda (or maybe an elderflower gin spritz, if I’m feeling fancy).

This is a place for behind the scenes, personal content, thoughts and all sorts of silly things that happen in my life. Come along for the journey (trust me, my life is wild).