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Shane Anderson is a NYC-based photographer, producer and art director forging a Brave New World of fashion-forward media with a touch of whimsical melancholy.


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A poem.

Atop I snowy mountain I sat, 

feeling winter’s rage for the first time, but 

even rage has beauty about it: 

poignant, direct 

and still all mine. 

In her fierce gales come the white confetti 

of a fanfare not far off

and seas of crystal remain

a window to the wild clouds above. 

There is no slush or mush 

instead concentrated beauty lies

created under pressure

below stormy Paris skies.

With a brisk strike of icy air 

to my chest I tumble 

down, falling

into the singing romance 

on cobble streets 


than before. 

Words that allow me to breathe a little bit more; 

I have been secluded from exploration a little too long. 

A little bit lighter 

and a little bit brighter 

my vision is now

Able to see past frosty maelstroms 

blowing into future 

from the past. 

A clear direction 

up the mountain I climb


“you don’t have to die in your glory” 

are the words I hold in mind. 

Shane Anderson