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A poem.

Atop I snowy mountain I sat, 

feeling winter’s rage for the first time, but 

even rage has beauty about it: 

poignant, direct 

and still all mine. 

In her fierce gales come the white confetti 

of a fanfare not far off

and seas of crystal remain

a window to the wild clouds above. 

There is no slush or mush 

instead concentrated beauty lies

created under pressure

below stormy Paris skies.

With a brisk strike of icy air 

to my chest I tumble 

down, falling

into the singing romance 

on cobble streets 


than before. 

Words that allow me to breathe a little bit more; 

I have been secluded from exploration a little too long. 

A little bit lighter 

and a little bit brighter 

my vision is now

Able to see past frosty maelstroms 

blowing into future 

from the past. 

A clear direction 

up the mountain I climb


“you don’t have to die in your glory” 

are the words I hold in mind. 

Shane Anderson
RE: A Vision For The Future

I recently sat down with writer & blogger, Jannie Susan. Two chocolate truffle cakes, one glass of sparkling rosé and one espresso later we were having the most marvellous time. Jannie was kind enough to write a piece about me on her “Note From The City” blog. Her words are truly endearing and I implore you to give the full post a read, but here’s just a little taste from “A Vision For The Future”…

I felt comfortable with Shane in a way that is hard to describe because though he is younger than I am, he has the sensibility of someone who has lived a very full and varied life...He is so mature and so well spoken and well versed that he really can hold his own with anyone, and his work shows that depth of understanding of a much older soul while also having the exuberant life of youth.”

Shane is extremely forward thinking and visionary, able to create images and envision scenes that are radically charged and exciting…His is a vision that is unique and exemplary, one that will help us all to be inspired for the days and months and years that are ahead of us, and one that will keep us moving forward into the future.  

Read the full article here:

Shane Anderson
Moving house...again.

If there’s one thing New Yorkers all adamantly believe, it’s that “London is the most expensive place in the world!” The amount of times I have heard this statement is uncanny. And while it’s sorta true, it’s also…well…not.

If you’re looking at things from a global economics scale, yes, the GBP is worth more than the USD. So yeah, I suppose London is a bit more expensive. This is especially true if you’re hopping over the pond for a visit to your British mates. BUT. One, very large, but(t). If you are living in London, earning that sweet £££, it’s actually not too bad…at all. Because the currencies are similar enough in value they both have a base rate of “1” (i.e. you can go to a Dollar Store in America or a Poundland in England, same sort of thing).

Now that that is sorted, I can bring you to the title of this post…”Moving house…again.”

So yes, London is expensive, but actually not that expensive.

And the whole point of this post is to procrastinate packing my suitcases to change Airbnb tomorrow.

In London, I could easily find a place to let for £550 a month. Five-hundred-fifty. That is peanuts. In NYC you’re lucky to find something good under $1000 - this isn’t even factoring in the hellish real-estate market in this city.

So yes, London is expensive, but actually not that expensive. And the whole point of this post is to procrastinate packing my suitcases to change Airbnb tomorrow.

Cheers, m8.

Shane xx

**Tune in next time to find out about how I ran to the airport to track down my MacBook.

Shane Anderson

Hey hey, friends. It’s instalment two of the blog. For those of you who might not know, I have just relocated fro London to NYC. Now if we’re being honest, it’s been a STRUGGLE (especially after being in Milan, London, Nebraska, Missouri and New York all within three weeks’ time). New York real-estate is already a nightmare, and being out of country for a year doesn’t help at all. In fact, it makes it exponentially worse. But sometimes you catch a break and find yourself in cool shades, with a cool jacket, in cool company and with a cool glass of prosecco in-hand. These moments give you a little spring forward. Take a break, then get back to work, but take a break and enjoy life. So go out for that coffee, or that glass of wine with your lovely. Enjoy your work, enjoy your breaks, just enjoy life and most importantly, enjoy these photos — it’s all about perspective (cliché, I know).

Shane xx

Shane Anderson

A lot of you think I’m a good writer and have asked for a blog section, so here we are. We’ll start off easy, with an intro…

Hi, I'm Shane Anderson, a NYC-based Art Director forging a Brave New World of fashion-forward photo/video content. With a background in digital marketing & branding, I have found success working in diverse world markets.

I like to think of my work as the perfect juxtaposition between modern and classic - made complete with a certain amount of whimsical melancholy. I take (seemingly) simple situations and elevate them with a mystical touch via artistic allusions, various religious & historical references and a precise, distinctive post-processing technique. This unique contrast allows for a universal connection between not only my body of work, but also threads a relationship between the viewer and time itself.

When I’m not out adventuring, you’ll probably find me curled up somewhere cosy with good music, a book and an elderflower soda (or maybe an elderflower gin spritz, if I’m feeling fancy).

This is a place for behind the scenes, personal content, thoughts and all sorts of silly things that happen in my life. Come along for the journey (trust me, my life is wild).