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Shane Anderson is a NYC-based Art Director forging a Brave New World of fashion-forward photo/video content. With a background in digital marketing & branding, he has found success working in diverse world markets. Before beginning his career in London (and soon after, Milan), Anderson trained as a classical double bassist, and would later study mathematics. Inspiration for Anderson’s work can be found in this clash between art and logic. It also finds roots in the sepia-toned sprawling suburbs of Midwestern America, where Anderson was raised. After truly living and working in different cultures, Anderson is able to take this sepia-toned visage of human experience and translate it into technicolour.

Anderson’s work is the perfect juxtaposition between modern and classic - made complete with a certain amount of whimsical melancholy. He is able to take (seemingly) simple situations and elevate them with a mystical touch via artistic allusions, various religious & historical references and a precise, distinctive post-processing technique. This unique contrast allows for a universal connection between not only his body of work, but also threads a relationship between the viewer and time itself.

Though based in New York City, Anderson is available internationally and travels often for a variety of creative endeavours.

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He’s like the Andy Warhol of the 21st Century, the next Meisel!
— Supermodel, Vanessa Brown


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